CO2 Flooding System For Control Building

Carbon-di-oxide gas based suppression system is envisaged to protect unmanned area. The system is actuated by Automatic detection (Smoke Electrical Detector) or manual push button station system actuation is indicated by Audio/Visual and discharge of CO2 will be released after preset time delay (As per NFPA 12) thereby ensuring actuation of suitable safety controls for prompt evacuation.

Non return valve has been provided on each cylinder to ensure to replace the empty cylinders without affecting the normal operation of other cylinders. A lock out provision had been provided on each cylinder valve for maintenance of the cylinder.

CO2 extinguishing system will be applied in extinguishing fires for enclosed volume

The system mainly consist of

  • CO2 cylinders, Head Valve, HF Actuators and accessories
  • Cylinder collecting manifold and high-pressure flexible hose with checks Valves.
  • Cylinder fixing racks.
  • Distribution manifolds with Selector Valve.
  • Discharge piping and supports.
  • Discharge nozzles.
  • Pressure switch
  • Header Safety Valve.
  • Fire Alarm Panel with gas release module
  • Multi Criteria smoke detector
  • Optical smoke detector
  • Hooter with flasher
  • Manual call point
  • Linear heat sensor cable
  • Manual release
The CO2 System shall be Central Bank type in such a way that cylinder banks in a building shall protect various hazards in the building using CO2 Electric Operated Selector Valves.

Special Characteristics

  • Suitable for extinguishing in rooms, where use of water, foam or powder has a damaging effect.
  • Extinguishes the fire within a few seconds & leaves no residue after extinguishing.
  • Suitable for extinguishing fire in petrol, oil, paint & similar liquids, live electrical equipment’s & installations.
  • Can be installed with the option of both Manual OR Automatic release.
  • Can be installed as a total flooding system and/or local application system.
  • When maintains or testing is being conducted on the system it can be locked out or the protect the space & affected spaces will be evacuated.


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