Gas detection system

Operating principle

Fire gas system describes the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. Gas systems would normally be initiated by an electrical fire system. These are commonly heat or smoke detection systems to initiate early detect and rapid release of the gas agents to extinguish the fire.

The selection of the gas agent used will be dependent on the application, the level of risk and life safety factors. The various gases used are all environmentally safe.

Open Path Applications

  • Offshore Oil & Gas drilling and production
  • Petrochemical and Chemical storage and production areas
  • Storage & loading of hazardous materials and waste areas
  • Engine & Turbine air intake and modules
  • LNG-LPG storage, pumping and filling
  • Fence-line emission monitoring
  • Storage Tank Farm protection
  • Paint industries, including paint-booths
  • Bus terminals (natural gas powered)
  • Waste disposal and processing
The SafEye 700S Optical Open Path (Line-of-Sight) Gas Detection System employs “spectral fingerprint” analysis of the atmosphere using the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique in a unique (patented) method.

SafEye 700S consists of an advanced Xenon Flash infrared transmitter (source) and infrared detector (receiver), separated over a line of sight from 13 ft. (4 m) up to 460 ft. (140 m) to detect and quantify flammable gas presence, even when challenged by extremely harsh environments where dust, fog, rain, snow or vibration can cause a high reduction of signal.

The SafEye 700S analyzes atmospheric absorption at three selected spectral bands, two in a region where the target gas absorbs and one where it does not absorb. The ratio between these absorption lines can provide accurate information of the gas concentration along an optical path.

The reference sensor detects beam blockage, compensates for changing humidity and detects failed light source or dirty optics. SafEye’s source and detector units are both housed in low profile, rugged, stainless steel, ATEX approved enclosures. The main enclosure is approved EExd flameproof with an integral, segregated, EExe increased safety terminal section. The hand-held communication unit can be connected in-situ via the intrinsically safe approved (EExia) data port on the detector. The combined ATEX approval is therefore Ex II 2(1) GD, EExde ia [ia] IIC T5 (55˚C).

SafEye 700S includes heated optics on the transmitter (source) and receiver (detector) to address icing, condensation and snow. Modern accessories include an Intrinsically Safe approved, Hand-Held Unit which is an all-inone Diagnostic / Calibration / Interrogation plug-in unit that assists one-person installation and maintenance.
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