NOVEC - 1230 Extinguishing System

Operating principle

The NOVEC 1230 combines the latest generation of chemical extinguishing agents with 25/42 bar pressure extinguishing system. The nitrogen is used to transport the gas to the individual nozzles, where it evaporates rapidly, creating a homogenous atmosphere in the room.


  • No risk of personal injury
  • Faster than extinguishing systems using natural gases, extinguishing agent release in less than 10 seconds.
  • High environmental compatibility (GWP = 1/ALT (half life) of 3 to 5 days), no effect on the ozone layer (ODP=0).
  • Extinguishing agent storage takes up little space as consumption is very low.
  • Low extinguishing agent concentration needed.
  • Pressure – free transport of the extinguishing gas.
  • Possible to use existing piping systems, e.g. when upgrading Halon 1301 systems.
  • Modular design option using multiple extinguishing agent storage containers in the protected area.


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